Homeless Outreach

“Judgment Free Zone”

For the Love of Good Foundation has had a Homeless Outreach Program in existence from virtually the beginning. Since starting on Thanksgiving 2018, our group has served over 5,000 of our Homeless and Struggling Neighbors!

We go out on average 3 times a month to poverty-stricken areas in Massachusetts.

Here’s four happy campers with 2 volunteers and Brady – woof!
It is so awesome to give out warm clothing to these folks!

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This gentleman sleeps outside. Here I am wrapping a scarf around him to try and add more warmth with a new pair of wool socks tucked under his arm!

We serve approximately 150 of our Homeless and Struggling Neighbors per month. We offer free clothing along with lunches, coffee and toiletries.

Our usual Sunday consists of going out to a local neighborhood just before lunchtime for about two hours.

A pillar of our Foundation is to invite as many people in as we can to help serve the Homeless and our Struggling Neighbors. We really like working with the young ones aged 10 to 20 years old. Our Foundation believes if we can get them in young they would have a deeper compassion for the world around them. So we thoroughly enjoy teaming up with parents and their kids. We have welcomed Boy Scouts, confirmation candidates, girls swim teams, etc.


Our group’s Vision Statement is:
Changing the world with kindness, one person at a time, and let it begin with me!

Teaching the kids to be grateful for all they have knowing all this man’s belongings fit in this carriage.

When we ask for volunteers all they have to bring is a big heart and a big smile and we will provide the rest. We have Volunteer Guidelines that everyone reads, signs and agrees to stick to. This ensures that our volunteers maintain our expectation level of respect for everyone we serve.

Hooked these two gents up with everything we had! This was Christmas Eve. The gentleman on the left came and saw us in May and said that we helping him Christmas Eve saved his life. So nice to hear!
Parents being role models volunteering their young to help the less fortunate where we teach them it is better to give than receive!!!